Outdoor Signage: Which Material is Best to Use?

When hiring a sign company, make sure to ask about the cost of materials and time spent on your project. Many sign businesses charge according to the amount of materials and time required to complete your project. Leaders in the industry suggest using the labor + material method, which is the method of multiplying material costs by two and time by the hourly shop rate. A standard shop rate is $50 to $60 per hour. However, be sure to ask about the cost of permits and other compliance issues when hiring a sign company.

Aside from quality, durability is also an important factor. Depending on what you want to achieve with your signage, a sign company will offer different materials. For example, acrylic and metal are very durable, but you’ll want to consider the maintenance required. Daily dirt and dust can easily obscure the sign, and vandalism can cause it to deteriorate. In order to avoid these problems, choose materials that require little maintenance. If you have a limited budget, consider choosing low maintenance materials.

Outdoor signage is another way to save money. Choose a durable material for signage. Signs should be resistant to rain and other elements, and you’ll want to ensure that they are UV-resistant. Outdoor signage is especially important, so make sure you choose a material that can handle the elements. In addition to durable materials, a sign company should know how to make your signage attractive and useful. Choosing the right materials will ensure that your business remains visible and profitable, while avoiding costly mistakes.

Another popular material is aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight and resistant to the elements, making it a good choice for outdoor signage. The material can be custom-made to your exact specifications. Unlike traditional metal signage, it’s recyclable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. It’s also durable, so you won’t have to worry about it warping or rotting. The durability of an aluminum sign will last for years. Aside from being affordable, it’s also weather-resistant and environmentally friendly.

You can also ask the sign company to send you samples of various signs to choose from. You can even request specific kinds of signs from the company. This will save you time and headaches in the future. Also, ask the sign company about the materials they use to make their signs, as these will affect their utility, durability, and appearance. There are many reasons to ask for quotes from different sign companies, but a sign company that offers free design services is definitely worth it.

Before you can choose the type of signage that will best serve your needs, you need to determine the size of the space available for your signs. Large outdoor spaces may call for pylon signs, while small outdoor spaces may require awnings, channel letters, or window graphics. If space is limited, you may want to go with a smaller, budget-friendly option such as pole signs and channel letters. Otherwise, you may want to opt for the most expensive signage, such as bus benches or billboards.

If you are looking for a sign company in Fort Lauderdale, there are several factors that you must keep in mind. For one thing, be sure to research your competitors and their products. This is an industry that is highly fragmented, so a company that works closely with another company could help you improve your business. Always ensure that you have proper NDA agreements in place before working with a competing company. And lastly, you should choose a company that offers the best customer service.

A good sign company should understand and utilize the principles of sign management and branding. If you want to make a lasting impression, make sure the company you hire understands branding and business signage. Make sure that you work with a company that is honest and transparent. In the end, it will benefit both parties to work with a sign company that understands their needs. If you don’t feel comfortable working with a company, you may want to consider hiring a local company.

For an additional impact, consider a pole sign. Pole signs are highly visible from a distance. They’re typically best for multi-tenant establishments. They generate tons of impressions every day and are a great investment. Neon Signs Solutions Inc. can create outdoor signage to meet your needs and brand requirements. You can choose from a variety of materials, design specifications, and installation options for your new pole sign. And if you don’t have a roadfront location, an outdoor sign can still be a good idea.


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